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The business was originally established in 1985 by Darryl Steenson in partnership with Jim Savins and known as Savins & Steenson Bricklaying.


Darryl took over the business in in 1988 and changed the name to DA & MA Steenson Pty Ltd. He commonly took his sons to work. In fact, when they weren’t at school Shayne, Karl and Tony would likely be on the building site with their Father.


When they were in their early 20s, brothers Karl & Tony both completed their apprenticeships under Darryl’s supervision. Karl took over the business in 2005 and then in 2016 Tony took the reins. To this day Darryl still supports Tony and Steenson Brick and Blocklaying through continuing to offer his wisdom on projects that require his extensive experience in the trade.


Today Steenson Brick and Blocklaying employs 5-7 onsite team members and the business is going from strength to strength as the quality and craftsmanship in the work continues to garner a word of mouth reputation.





Tony can be found managing the team onsite and has been working as a bricklayer for 25 years. Tony is the 'outside' worker and his wife Toni (yes that is really their names) is the 'inside' worker. Both see each other as the 'backbone' of the business.



Toni Steenson

Tony's wife Toni manages the business operations of Steenson Brick and Blocklaying. Supporting with account management, contracts administration and everything else, she is the 'one stop shop' for all of the businesses internal processes. 

I am writing to recommend the services of Steenson Brick and Blocklaying. We initially engaged Tony and his team to lay some retaining walls utilising recycled bricks at the rear of the property. We were very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the bricklaying, so much so that I asked Tony if they would be interested in laying various brick pathways around the house. Although it wasn’t part of their scope, Tony accepted the challenge and again, the result was fantastic.


Tony and his team are currently laying approximately 1000sqm of cobblestones down our driveway! As usual they have approached the job with a. High degree of professionalism and so far we are thrilled with the result. Tony is not only thorough but is also easy to work with and is always willing to discuss any concerns and respond to questions. It is obvious to me that he will do everything possible to ensure a good outcome for the customer. I will also add that the job site is always left tidy of an evening, and the guys are always respectful and a pleasure to have on site.


Glen Makin




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