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Steenson Brick and Blocklaying were contracted by Bennett Construction, the principal being Lismore City Council.


Lismore Regional Art Gallery was a pre-existing old building that required a face lift. Tony and the team supported this process by working in conjunction with an architect.


The team replaced old existing windows with ornamental brickwork and completed two ornamental gables accentuating the roof pitch.

After the set-out was completed this job was finished with ease and relatively quickly. The job site was in the middle of a busy public space, so work safety (as always) was of paramount, importance.

The result was a unique and geometrically pleasing addition to the art space.

Just upon completion of the job and ready for handover, Lismore CBD flooded….

The Team was called back to fix the damage created by the flood. All the glass had to be replaced, it was a big mess similar to what all businesses in the Lismore CBD faced that year. The damage being so extreme many longstanding businesses had to close down due to the financial burden of the flood and the damage caused.

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