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ROsebank / Clunes area

Steenson Brick and Blocklaying were contracted by M2 Constructions from Brisbane who had been enlisted by renowned Brisbane-based architect Shaun Lockyer to work on this spectacular property in the Byron Hinterland. 

This was a unique project that required traditional old English bond brickwork. Old English bond requires a line of Bricks to be laid in alternate layers of headers and stretchers. A 'stretcher' is a brick laid so that its side is showing, a 'header' is a brick laid so that only its end is showing. 

To compliment the Old English Bond, the bricks also had to have a vintage look and include a range of interesting colours and textures. To achieve the desired look and effect, recycled bricks were shipped up from Sydney. 

Working on a project where the brickwork is a feature of the design, allowed the Steenson Brick and Blocklaying Team to showcase the outstanding calibre of their workmanship – which included building the signature tall chimneys for the architecturally designed home, with one being over 7 metres in height.

The detail and artistry involved in this project drew on skills from Tony and the team that are rarely required in modern bricklaying yet the team stepped up to the challenge and delivered outstanding work, as evidenced in the remarkable result. 

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